Living On The Ocean’s Edge

September 15, 2009 at 5:35 am (Uncategorized)


I grew up in Florida in a city called West Palm Beach which is on the Atlantic ocean. Living next to the ocean gave me a chance to go scuba and free diving . My father grew up in Miami, about a mile walk from reef filled waters called Matthesin Hammock. When my dad was a child he and his brothers would walk to these waters to either go fishing, diving, or lobstering. Fishing and diving has been my fathers whole life and being the generous man that he is, he wants me to have the same experiences he has as a child. When i was 18 months old i learned how to swim and when my dad went diving he would let me hold on his shoulders and diving down with me so I can look at the sea life. The older I got the more I appreciated the ocean and all it had to offer. The main turning point when I really began to love the ocean was when I came to Lindenwood in Misourri. Being away from the ocean makes me look at it in a way I never have before. When going scuba diving, it’s almost seems like I’m in a different world and when the current is ripping it feels like I’m flying across an exotic world. The thing I love most is that everytime I go diving I always see something new. Words cant describe how passionate I am about the ocean and the joy it brings me. I could go on for hours talking about stories and the experiences I’ve had.


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