Rift Fournier

October 27, 2009 at 1:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Rift Fournier was born in Wichita, but grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. He first started off bragging about how he never paid attention in school and liked to read all the time in class. Despite his lack of attentiveness in class, he somehow pulled off straight A’s in all of his classes and was a star athlete on his football team. I knew something terrible must have happened after this point in his life because he was giving us this lecture sitting in his wheel chair. He then explained that he got Polio and all his dreams of pursuing athletics came to a halt. After being put in a wheelchair, he was inspired to resource of his next best talent, to become a writer.

I believe the reason Professor Falk brought Rift in to talk to the class is because he has so much experience on media literacy and could help us transition onto that topic. The whole time he gave us advice and his opinion on different things. He says that college prepares you to learn, and that the best things you can learn is how much you don’t know. This advice is very deep and can be put towards anything a person is wants to achieve in life. It seemed like he really tried to make an emphasis on how important writing is in every career. Rift went to law school, didn’t like it but learned how to write. He said that writing is communicating, and if a person can’t communicate, he or she might as well be working at McDonalds. He believes if a person has willingness to learn, then they will be successful.

Rift has been a script writer for the shows Kojak and NYPD Blue, and has experience in the media. He said that the challenges of script writing are making characters liked by the viewer. The class started to ask questions about Rift’s opinion on different shows on television now a day. Rift believes that reality shows suck, the only reality shows he likes are the ones on the Discovery Channel. He likes shows that have good writing, such as NYCSI, Dexter, Cold Case, and House. The shows he hates are the ones that are like CSI. He says that CSI is “bullshit”.

Rift seems like a guy who will speak his mind about anything, no matter who he’s offending. A funny story he told was about when he worked at ABC. He said that he backhanded and executive producer of ABC and said they were “devoted cowards” and didn’t respect the audience. I feel like we are a lucky college to have teaching us about his experiences in the real life. He says that the reason he came to Lindenwood is through some of his connections, but the main thing that won him over was when the new performing arts building was established. The lecture he gave helped me become more media literate which I feel is critical being a mass communication major.



  1. eangela86 said,

    Great post!! rift was a great speaker and is someone who cares so much for what he does and holds nothing back, including back handing someone if he has to!!

  2. chris said,

    great post!

  3. Jessica said,

    Good POst Rift what a great man he gives so much back to other people I can’t wait to have class with him!!

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