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November 24, 2009 at 6:18 am (Uncategorized)

Both Gary Vaynderchuk and Brazen Careerist tie into one another because they are both supporting the same thing. I believe that describing them individually and letting you decide how the compare on your own will be the best way to explain what the’re both about.

According to the information I got online, Gary Vaynderchuk used to be the CEO of his family’s multimillion dollar company but decided that’s not what he enjoyed doing and wanted to make a living on something that he loves. He walked away from being the CEO of the company to create a wine tasting video series using web 2.0. This little series was called The Wine Library TV. On his YouTube video, Web 2.0 Expo NY: Building personal brand within the social media landscape, he tells people to stop doing something they hate and follow the “PP’s”, which stand for patients and passion. Gary believes that if you have the patients and passion to do something you love and think others will love, Web 2.0 can be a crucial tool used to make that dream come true. Being that Gary used Web 2.0 to do what he loves and create The Wine Library TV and make it successful, he knows what it takes. He was a very interesting person and kept saying that he cares more about people than he cares about himself, and that he wants people to be happy. That’s what his motivation was in being successful using Web 2.0. He also gave great tips such as:

  • You have to build brand equity
  • Do what you love, market it, and people will listen
  • Use as many tools as you can: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc…
  • If you get talked about enough then you can build a brand through social media
  • If you have a feel…then go for it!
  • You might lose money in the beginning, but if it’s something you love doing, then it should eventually be profitable
  • We’re living in “small town rules”, where as our social media grows, the world becomes smaller
  • You’re going to have to work to be profitable

Gary really emphasized his attention on the last point, having to work to be profitable. During his video he discussed the word ”hustle”, and that the word is amazing, and without hustling dreams using social media could happen but it’s very unlikely.

The whole reason that Brazen Careerist relates to Gary Vaynderchuk is because Brazen Careerist is a website that helps you get starting on marketing yourself and creating brand equity. I went to the site and it described exactly what Brazen Careerist is. A Brazen Careerist is a career management tool for next-generation professionals. In a career space where experienced professionals win, they’ve created a community that levels the playing field.

Creating a profile on Brazen Careerist showcases more than just your resume, because ideas matter too. Becoming friends with different members, you can begin to build a network through conversations: the way networking is supposed to happen. This is a way for different people to find out what kind of person you are in a business aspect. People such as Employers and recruiters who are looking to hire, Peers at work or in your field, Entrepreneurs seeking collaboration, Reporters looking for expert opinions, search looking for someone to either get ideas from or hiring them.

This site makes what Gary Vaynerchuk is talking about even more possible than ever. The tools and advice have been given to you, now it’s your job to turn them around, create something successful, market yourself and most of all, and do what you love.


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Messin’ With Sasquatch Analysis

November 19, 2009 at 6:51 am (Uncategorized)

Before you read any further I want you to view these ads so you can get an opinion about them before I tell you mine, and so you could either agree or disagree.

After watching the videos, I feel that they are, hands down, hilarious. Every ad has the thing that just about everyone loves. Humor! Not only does it have, classic pranks, but people are getting beat up by a huge man dressed as a furry Sasquatch. Every video I watch I at least giggle to myself.

The only reason I like this ad is because it brings me entertainment. Normally when watching commercials while waiting to watch your actual program, nothing usually strikes my interest. I fell that’s what all commercials should be like. Finding a way to entertain a viewer while promoting a product .If a company succeeds in this, it will make viewers feel less irritated by the company’s commercial.

Sometimes when watching these videos, it’s hard to tie in the Sasquatch with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. When thinking about it, I came up with a few ideas that viewers could get. Considering every video is taking place outside, it goes to show that beef jerky is a great outdoor snack. It also shows how portable it is. In every video it also has at least two people sticking their hands in the bag and pulling a wad of jerky out. This goes to show that it’s easy to share with others. The unusual factor I noticed is that the ad says nothing about the contents, price, size, or taste of the product. I’ve had Jack Links Beef Jerky before and the taste speaks for itself. It is honestly the best tasting beef jerky I have ever had. I believe the message of these ads was to just get the Jack Link’s name out there, because the product is in almost every gas station you could come across. I can see a real life scenario play out perfectly; a kid, who’s seen the commercial, sees the jerky on the shelf, says it’s the jerky from the Sasquatch commercial and begs his dad to buy it for him. This is a great all around ad that was so simple. The video could easily reach a target from age 10 to age 60! The product helps make the ads. I have bought and tried Jack Links beef jerky before I saw the ad, and I know due to the commercials I would’ve eventually tried it and fell in love with its deliciousness.

When talking about “puffery” in this ad, there is definitely some deception in there. It seems that every time the people eat the jerky their faces light up and they seem to get this gutsy/brave look to them, and soon after they pull a risky prank to piss off a huge Sasquatch. The deception and message I think they are trying to convey is that when you eat the jerky you become more tough and more of a risk taker. Now I know that I don’t believe that’s true but there might be some people out there that do and take the message the wrong way.

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Citizen Journalism

November 3, 2009 at 6:20 am (Uncategorized)


Citizen journalism is exactly what it sounds like. The official definition is “the concept of members of the public playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information.” In simple terms, it’s when everyday citizens observe, analyze, and report events that occur. The reason citizen journalism can relate to this course and the media is because the only way that citizen journalism is possible is through the media we’ve discussed in class. Everyday citizen can observe, analyze, and then report their stories on blogs, Twitter, or YouTube. The video TED, which was recommended for us to view, helped describe how citizen journalism can be used. Ted said that there was an earthquake in China that was for some people, fatal. The big story about this earthquake is that people in other areas knew that it was happening before the Chinese Government even knew. The Chinese people were twittering and posting videos about it while it was going on. This goes to show how much of an impact the media has on our society and how effective citizen journalism is.
I feel that citizen journalism is effective because no money is involved. The way that people upload videos, twitter, and blog is all free of charge. Because it is free of charge, the citizens who report events don’t get paid for their reporting’s. The benefit of this is that the citizens have nothing to gain, so they will give you the stories exactly how they see it. With citizen journalism there isn’t a rating scale to gain viewers and make more money. Citizen journalism is done by non journalist who gives people who haven’t gotten a degree in journalism a chance to experiment with writing. Even some people who have degrees in journalism do it so they don’t have to take orders from a boss and get to write what they want. Citizen journalism is a true freedom of speech. It has such free reign that china has banned it because it has made the Chinese government look bad.
I feel that citizen journalism is a good step for journalism. Journalism is growing and society loves getting new ways to being kept in the “loop”. Citizen journalism keeps society up to date on events and is getting the information fed to them through the eyes or an Average Joe, just like them. Our modern society is all about freedom of speech.
The whole idea of citizen journalism took off with Dan Gillmore. He used to be a columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, but is now and has built a successful career on writing books on citizen journalism. He is like the God Father of citizen journalism and has influenced many writers to pursue citizen journalism. His most famous book was titled We The Media, which was about the incursion of citizen’s media on the corporate news organizations, and also incorporated the history and technologies involved. Even if you check out Dan’s webpage, you can understand that he has a full grasp on media and know how it can be used for citizen journalism.

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