Messin’ With Sasquatch Analysis

November 19, 2009 at 6:51 am (Uncategorized)

Before you read any further I want you to view these ads so you can get an opinion about them before I tell you mine, and so you could either agree or disagree.

After watching the videos, I feel that they are, hands down, hilarious. Every ad has the thing that just about everyone loves. Humor! Not only does it have, classic pranks, but people are getting beat up by a huge man dressed as a furry Sasquatch. Every video I watch I at least giggle to myself.

The only reason I like this ad is because it brings me entertainment. Normally when watching commercials while waiting to watch your actual program, nothing usually strikes my interest. I fell that’s what all commercials should be like. Finding a way to entertain a viewer while promoting a product .If a company succeeds in this, it will make viewers feel less irritated by the company’s commercial.

Sometimes when watching these videos, it’s hard to tie in the Sasquatch with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. When thinking about it, I came up with a few ideas that viewers could get. Considering every video is taking place outside, it goes to show that beef jerky is a great outdoor snack. It also shows how portable it is. In every video it also has at least two people sticking their hands in the bag and pulling a wad of jerky out. This goes to show that it’s easy to share with others. The unusual factor I noticed is that the ad says nothing about the contents, price, size, or taste of the product. I’ve had Jack Links Beef Jerky before and the taste speaks for itself. It is honestly the best tasting beef jerky I have ever had. I believe the message of these ads was to just get the Jack Link’s name out there, because the product is in almost every gas station you could come across. I can see a real life scenario play out perfectly; a kid, who’s seen the commercial, sees the jerky on the shelf, says it’s the jerky from the Sasquatch commercial and begs his dad to buy it for him. This is a great all around ad that was so simple. The video could easily reach a target from age 10 to age 60! The product helps make the ads. I have bought and tried Jack Links beef jerky before I saw the ad, and I know due to the commercials I would’ve eventually tried it and fell in love with its deliciousness.

When talking about “puffery” in this ad, there is definitely some deception in there. It seems that every time the people eat the jerky their faces light up and they seem to get this gutsy/brave look to them, and soon after they pull a risky prank to piss off a huge Sasquatch. The deception and message I think they are trying to convey is that when you eat the jerky you become more tough and more of a risk taker. Now I know that I don’t believe that’s true but there might be some people out there that do and take the message the wrong way.



  1. movieguy13 said,

    Those were pretty great!! You’re right in that they don’t tell you much about the product itself. It seems like people who eat the jerky always seem to have bad things happen to them. I don’t know if I’d want to eat it lol.

  2. grant said,

    Those commercials are always a riot. I thought you did a nice job on your blog as well. I liked how you incorporated all of the commercials of youtube.

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