December 1, 2009 at 3:52 pm (Uncategorized)

How do we know the most popular events, people, and products of the year 2009?

Bing general manager Danielle Tiedt wrote:

Cue music. Awwww, 2009. It was a year of UFO shaped dirigibles, mom jeans on pop stars, real housewives, a new president and a new decision engine. Oh and there may have been something about vampires, too—we weren’t really paying attention. Yes, it was quite a year, and what better way to reminisce then by taking a trip down memory lane with a look back at what topped the list of Bing searches? If you’re curious how we determined the top searches, we analyzed billions of search queries and developed the list based on searches made with Bing.

This little article discusses some of the highlighted events shares in the year 2009. It was written by’s general manager Danielle Teidt, and she said that if you’re curious how we determined the top events of 2009, we analyzed billions of search queries and developed the list based on searches made with Who would’ve come up with such a brilliant idea? I find this hilarious, but brilliant! What better way to show the most popular things about 2009 than to show something that society has made up? These “are the most popular”, because they really are the most popular people, events, products and stories. This article caught my attention because this semester I’ve been taking a class called Fundamentals of the Internet and we’ve discussed the use of different search engines such as Bing. From what I’ve learned in that class about this website is that it’s made by Microsoft and is slowly become a very reliable search engine. It’s not one of my ideal search engines, mainly because Google is almost a monopoly when it comes to search engines. In this internet class we discussed the different uses of the search engines but I a thought such as using it for statistics never came into my mind.

What’s happening here is that media is reporting our media. I fell like it is kind of ironic. This is a good way for current and future media professionals communicate and give data. The media could be used to determine what is most popular and the certain trends that are going on in that time period. This is just another way that media can be used in an advantage. Surveys and poles could be taken by using this method and there is no way to cheat or have it opinion based. The Gen Y component to the media information is that it’s mainly Gen Y who is establishing this top ten popularity chart, and probably the only one who really cares about it. I feel that this article is very good publicity for the search engine, I feel that Bing is slowly catching up to Google in its popularity. This only goes to show that a multitude of users use Bing as their search engine source and data is taken from the site and used as sources elsewhere.



  1. Brandon Sturges said,

    Yeah, I really don’t think Bing! is ever going to come remotely close to Google. I will say that Microsoft has been doing a great job at making the public aware of their new “smart” search engine.

  2. iamdwhit said,

    ive never seen this commercial before…ive seen some of the other bing commercials and they made me wanna try but im stuck on google since i have a gmail account…idk if ill ever get around to geting my bing on

  3. Shadow said,

    Wow that was more about bing than I thought I would ever learn..great post!

  4. tiffoh111 said,

    i love bing…its actually my searchbar haha

  5. kelseybiggs said,

    I think i might have to give bing a try… I’ve always been curious.

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